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Greens Groomer for Golf - MG72 Multi Groomer.
"Multi Purpose, Adjustable, Easy to Use Machine that Makes a Superintendent's Job Easier"

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Multi Groomer MG72 "The Most Versatile Machine on the Market".
Many Uses: Groom Golf Greens, Incorporate Top Dressings,
Pulverize Aeration Cores, De-Thatch and More!

Golf Greens Groomer  
6 ft. wide implements. Wheel Base 84" wide. Weight Approx. 350 lbs. (depending on lift system).
Pulverize Aeration Cores on Greens, Incorporate Top Dressings (light to heavy), Groom, or Brush Greens
De-Thatch and More!
You've never seen a machine Incorporate Top Dressings, Brush or "Groom" Greens and Pulverize Aeration Cores like the MG72 Golf & Turf machine!

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Multi Groomer MG72 GT Catalog

Catalog & Brochures MG72 for Golf

A Golf Superintendent's "Best Friend"

Exclusive "High Performance-Compact Broom Carriage".
Follows contours/undulations better than competitor machines.
Incorporates Top Dressing quickly and easily. It Doesn't Hop!
Brush Greens before mowing to gain benefits of brushing greens.
Pulverizes Aeration Cores on Greens

Improves Ball Roll
Can be used to De-thatch.
Heavy Duty Steel Construction
Pull with variety of towing vehicles

No tools needed to adjust engineering
Easy to Use and Affordable.
Saves Labor
Powder Coated finish

MG72 Brushing Greens Video 400w

Brushing Greens Video

youtubevideos YouTube Videos

MG72 Incorporate Top Dressing Video 400w

Incorporate Top Dressing Video

MG72 Pulverize Cores Video 400w

Pulverizing Cores Video

Golf Multi Groomer MG72  Pricing Effective 1-1-2024

Direct USA

Model Numbers

Model Numbers represent the different "Operator Lift Control Systems that are available"
(WR, SG, PW, SB and HW). All have the same standard equipment/parts. See catalog (top of page) for more details.



WR = Wireless Remote Control with 12v Battery on Groomer. Wireless Control. Does not use tow machine battery.



SG = Corded Switch Box System with 12v Battery on Groomer. Does not use tow machine battery. Hand held corded switch.



PW = Portable Wireless Remote Control. Uses 12V battery of your tow machine. Benefits of wireless at a lower cost!



SB = Corded Switch Box System. Uses 12V battery of your tow machine. Has hand held SwitchBox control and 2 Extension Wires.



HW = Hard Wired Control System. Wire direct into your tow machine. Dash Mounted Rocker Switch Control & Complete Wiring Pkg.

Direct USA


Optional Accessories / Attachments
Please refer to the catalog, link shown above, for details on all optional accessories.



Magnet 72" Wide (Complete with N52 Rare Earth Neodymium Magnets - strongest available) Optimal 3rd rear attachment forTurf



Rubber Mat 72" Wide (use on Golf Greens and Turf as rear attachment)



Ball Coupler Hitch, 1-7/8"



Ball Coupler Hitch, 2.00"



Drag Mat 84" wide x 36" deep. Rack Mount System that carries and pulls the drag mat



Drag Mat Rack Only (customer uses their own drag mat with our special carrier rack)



Additional 6-Brush Broom Carriage (mount to the front of the frame by removing the standard spring tines to double the brushing action)



Additional "WR" Wireless Transmitter for WR or PW System  Also consider ALSB-1212 or ALPW-1212 as a backup operator system.



"HW" Add'l Tow Machine Wiring Package When a customer chooses the "HW" Lift System they might want to install wiring on more than
one tow machine to operate the groomer. This option is a wiring package that can be installed on a second tow machine.


3 Choices

Add a Backup Electric Control System. 3 Choices to choose from. SB, PW or SG. A "backup control system" can be used to bypass the original control system in the case of a dead battery, misplaced transmitter, broken wire, etc. If you simply have to groom, no matter what, then consider one of these backup systems. See catalog for more details or each system.

All About Greens, thumb coverPulverize Aeration Cores on Greens
When it's time to Core Greens you'll like how much Labor You Save using the Multi Groomer to Pulverize Aeration Cores and Incorporate Top Dressing...
(yes, even heavy top dressing). It Works. Superintendents know it. See our "Videos" and the "All About the Greens, pg. 4 for info on Coring Greens & Save Labor"
Breaking up cores or harvesting them after aerifying greens is labor intensive and a hassle. It's the job that everyone dreads. The MG72 Multi Groomer pulverizes
cores so all that's left are the grass tufts. It only takes 5 to 10 minutes per green to pulverize cores. The tufts are then easily cleaned up by a greens mower, and
you're ready to top dress. There's no need to verti-cut cores or use other tools to break them up. It's common for an 18 hole course that has 2 practice greens
to save 20 hours of labor, or even more, during the coring and top dressing process by using the MG72. After top dressing the MG72 works great for incorporating.
Whether you spread enough dressing to fill the core holes or just partially fill them you'll discover how quick the Multi Groomer is and how easy it is to use.
For courses who "harvest" cores the Labor Savings is even greater. We have customers who used to harvest cores because it was such a hassle breaking them up.
Now, they pulverize them with the MG72 and have cut their labor by over 50 hours each time they core greens and top dress! Plus, using the MG72 is saving
customers significant dollars on top dressing.

Incorporate Top Dressing
It's never been easier than with the MG72. It's efficient, fast, adjustable and it won't Hop like other tools.
Check our MG72 Golf Catalog, watch our "Video", and see the "It's All About the Greens" brochure for more info.

Brush GreensClippings After Brushing, 085, 200wideClippings 1st Cut, 0067,cropped,200wide
Smoother Ball Roll and Healthy Turf is What it's All About when you brush greens with the MG72 Multi Groomer,
plus other benefits. Brushing lifts horizontal turf blades so they can be mowed at the correct length. Loosens old,
dead turf and other debris so mowing can clean it up. Reduce Turf Grain. Increase density. Helps reduce
the need for Verti-Cutting. See our "Video" and "It's All About the Greens" for more info.

De-Thatch Greens and Other Turf.
Easy to Adjust Spring Tines let you decide how aggressive you want to be
when de-thatching greens or other turf areas.

High Performance Broom Carriage unlike any other on the market.
Makes it easy to perform all the functions you need.

The MG72 Golf Multi Groomer is a 6 ft. wide multi purpose pull type machine designed for use on golf greens to
pulverize aeration cores, incorporate top dressing and brush greens before mowing.
Numerous "Operator Lift Control systems" to choose from.
All of the lift systems allow the user to control the amount of contact to the turf and to make adjustments on the fly.
Standard Implements include two independently adjustable rows of spring tines and our exclusive high performance
adjustable broom carriage. Consider the optional specially designed rear rubber mat for pulverizing cores. When core aerating
 greens the unique combination of three implements pulverizes aeration cores without moving parts and incorporates even
the heaviest of top dressings. Even if you don't core aerate greens the MG72 is used to quickly and efficiently incorporate
top dressing. And, it doesn't hop like many other brushes on the market! During the season it's used to brush greens before
mowing to gain all the benefits of grooming greens. The spring tines are disengaged and the rubber mat removed.
The unique broom carriage includes easy angle adjustments and the ability to quickly remove any of the six independent
brushes so the user can control the amount of brush contact to the turf.

Pulverizing Cores, MG-GT, thumb
Incorporating Top Dressing, MG-GT, thumb
Brushing Greens, MG-GT, thumb

The Truth About our MG72 Groomer for Greens. What sets it apart. What some manufacturers don't want you to know. MG72-GT Broom Carriage, Brush
Myth No. 1) Certain manufacturers want you to think that a groomer for greens must be deep (4 ft. deep) and have many brushes configured at
multiple angles.
Fact: It's not true. Just because they want you to think it doesn't make it true. We have proven through extensive testing and precise
engineering that our "perfectly balanced - compact high performance broom carriage" with 6 straight brushes incorporates top dressing in one
 pass extremely well.
Myth No. 2) Pulverizing Aeration Cores on Greens. Certain manufacturers claim their machines can pulverize aeration cores. Really!
Fact: This is only a copy cat response to our machine's performance. Before introducing our MG72 no other company even mentioned pulverizing
aeration cores. We did, we proved it, and they simply want you to believe their machine is as good, when it isn't. Our machine hit the market in 2011
and these other companies now feel they have a machine that will do the same. Our combination of specially designed implements pulverizes cores
without moving parts and does it better than other machines on the market.

Myth No. 3) Performance on greens with contours-undulations. Some manufacturers want you to think their deep machines will perform well on greens with contours & undulations.
Fact: We've tested this extensively and no other machine comes close to the performance of our Multi Groomer under these conditions. In fact, there is no way a deep broom
can follow contours and undulations in greens nearly as well as our machine.
Myth No. 4) Price. Certain manufacturers claim their price is better when all they have is a brush.
Fact: We match their price and you get more implements with our groomer. When comparing just a brush machine then we beat their price.
Plus we have more choices of operator lift systems to choose from. Check out our "brush only machines". If you want just a brush see our "BR72" brushes.
Myth No. 5) Brush Life and Replacing Brushes. Our brushes are designed specifically for brushing greens and all the other uses the MG72 can perform. They last years, and,
when it comes time to replace them our special bushes install literally in a few minutes. Much easier than the expensive, time consuming competitors.

Myth No. 6) Lift Systems. Other manufacturers don't even mention their offering of lift control systems because they can't compete with our wide and user friendly choices.

We offer more "Operator Lift Control" choices than any other manufacturer. See Catalog for Details.

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